Thursday, 20 October 2016

Why am I obsessed by the Tiny House Movement? Get closer to my family? #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when your mid-life crisis comes out as construction work that's clearly too hard for you.

I am obsessed by the Tiny House Movement.

I don't know why.
I think it's replaced my "driving across India in a tuk-tuk" obsession.
But funny how it's something else that's small on wheels.

It's called the Tiny House Movement, because living so close to the bathroom, it's all you can hear in there.

Why can't I be into fast cars like a Normal mid-life crisis.

Maybe it's because I want to secretly be closer to my family.

But I can't afford one, and while my shelves are a legacy to the world that will live on for decades...
... building a house - however tiny - is just one step further than I can manage.

I think that if I put on the word "tiny" it will mean that I will be able to build it.

Is this how men lived in the Middle Ages?
Sure they've got their wattle and daub shack, but they weren't trying to build a mini-hut round the back.

They didn't get to this age. So they didn't get to this stage in life where they also had to build a mini-hut round the back.

It's a bit bigger than a camper van.
I don't know why I want one.
Maybe in my head it means you go out and experience life instead of killing it in front of the Strictly Come Dancing Results Update show.

I could have the same Tiny House Movement experience by boarding up a load of rooms so we have to live next to the bathroom.

My DIY is actually up to doing that.

Anyway, here are some links:

School Teacher's Tiny House On Wheels with a Passive Solar Foyer (small home)

How to build a cabin- Pin-Up Houses


Tiny House UK mobile cabin, off grid eco living powered by eKiss solar system.


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