Saturday, 29 October 2016

To my son it's an ear whack because ear wax is plural and 15-21 other British Dad Thoughts #BRITISHDADSTUFF

Here for my kids are the British Dad thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams that I have lined up for the coming week.

Sunday 30 October
I hate this fork. If we had a cat, this would be the fork we would use for cat food.

Monday 31 October
The end of DIY SOS always makes me cry. Where the man in the house who doesn't do the DIY is completely and utterly emasculated.

Tuesday 1 November
A politician telling us "it is the right thing to do" always sounds like they are telling themselves more than us.

Wednesday 2 November
Single man in the 90s. I always hoovered when the dust covered the titles of my CDs.

Thursday 3 November
Love that my son calls it an ear whack. Because it's plural when I keep saying his ear is full of wax.

Friday 4 November
Love my daughter's rolling me out of bed also includes forcing my arms up to do the morning stretch.

Saturday 5 November
I always mix up a silver bullet with the golden ticket. And the bronze toner.

I keep a whole year's worth of 365 Great British Dad Thoughts right here.

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