Thursday, 29 September 2016

Things I remembered when we left our house for the last time - BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you remember your gaff as a little bit more than a pile of DIY.

Sleeping on the sofa in an unheated house the day after my wife gave birth to our first child. I don't know why I was sleeping there - I think it was because it was next to the fire.
Sitting outside on the new decking before the slabs went down. We had breakfast on a table and with our baby in a high chair and the Sunday papers.
Our daughter banging her head on the wooden box.
Dancing in the kitchen to "The Candyman"
or the living room to the Village People.
Our son and daughter having baths together.
My wife in a rocking chair trying to feed our baby.
Our daughter shouting out of the window at random passers-by.
Mum lying on the sofa getting shitfaced during our wedding.
And the call, the phonecall I got in our bedroom to say that she had gone.
And finding a way through this in the red chair in my little room.

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