Friday, 22 July 2016

What we can learn from Chris Froome running up Mont Ventoux

Seeing the Tour De France Yellow Jersey, Chris Froome, running up Mont Ventoux after his bike crash near the finish was pretty special.

But heard this a few days later from his team's General Manager Dave Brailsford.

It's a great quote about dealing with knocks in life: dealing with "what is" instead of how you want it to be.
(Guess you could call it good Sky-chology).

"I think for a lot of people in that type of scenario, you've seen people throw their bikes away and have a bit of a fit by the side of the road etc.

"Why has that happened to me?!" sort of thing,
"This is crazy".

He didn't.

He headed off for the line."

"...The difference between emotion and logical thinking and how you manage these types of situations.

And what we know is that the goalposts move.

And people get upset.

"Oh the goalposts have moved"
and they get emotionally upset about why it moved and how it moved, and "It's not fair" etc etc.

What we've done over the years is trained ourselves time and again to recognise

"It's not if the goalposts move" - the goalposts will move.

And when they do move,
be the first to react to it in a logical way.

And don't let emotion drive your decision making.
Don't let emotion drive your thoughts and behaviour.
Come back to logic and try to be logical and calm in those situations."

And then... RUN!

(I added that last bit)

And I've just added this to the Tour De France clips in the link below...

Adam Yates hitting the 1km banner.

This is where I put all my favourite Tour De France clips...

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