Monday, 11 July 2016

THE PROBLEM WITH SPUD-U-LIKE (30 years after it was needed) #BritishDadStuff

(source: Spud-U-Like)

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you work with your wife to fix things from your own childhood.

My Wife and I spent about an hour fixing the broken fast-food chain Spud-U-Like, 30 years after we last visited.

My experiences are completely based on the walk down the steep hill from the station in Brighton.

My Mum and Sister would always go down the left hand side of the road to get a "beans" Spud-U-Like in the restaurant there.

Our chat was in-depth and intense.

It included ideas for changing the green and yellow plastic decor of the shop fittings, through to the polystyrene boxes the potatoes came in.

How could they not see that the plastic knife would always saw through the bottom of your box too, letting out the filling.

And that's another thing - the amount of filling was so poor.

There's a terrible ratio of filling-to-potato.

(Which is why Double Big Macs never work - but that's a whole other marital beef. Burger.

And pate-to-toast starters in restaurants.
You'd think that the chef would put more bread, which is cheaper, so that the starter works.
Instead, we're forced to eat the pate with the garnish, like animals.)

Anyway, see, I'm off on one already.

An hour of our lives were spent discussing how brilliant Spud-U-Like would be now in this Artisan-natural-hand-created waft of marketing we get in the high-street chains now.

Then I looked it up to get a photo of an 80's Spud-U-Like for this post, and found out that it's still going strong and they fixed all the things we fixed.

We'll never have this time again.

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