Friday, 1 July 2016

I wrote for JazzDuck - a free Amazon Prime pilot kids show - what now, is up to you...

Wrote on a show called JAZZDUCK... (link here)

A duck in a big city, shaped like a saxophone, communicating musically through [PARPS!] from his end.

It’s a new pilot on Amazon Prime, and available for free as part of their "pilot season" this week as one of a couple of kids series.

A video posted by JazzDuck (@jazzducktv) on

I grew up in the world of traditional TV commissioning...

So the differences in working in "streaming"
- no transmission date,
no one-off overnight ratings,
no dips due to weather or national holidays,
available everywhere, any time.
...are all lovely.

The scripting on Jazz Duck was the same fun, and we already know all of this but... it still feels like a novelty that what happens next is about accumulating views and feedback.

Plus the feedback comes direct from the audience.
(for example, you can leave a rating which appears on its listing
), instead of relying on a big bang moment on-air with maybe some random and occasional repeats.

Which means I get to forward this link, as part of the team who are all also sharing this out there.

And think I've said this before - but it's more like working as part of a touring theatre company, than hairy old one-way Legacy TV.

How cool is this - you can help get it over the line...

and maybe even help make it even better...

by just sampling it.

The link for the series for you to check out, is here

JazzDuck's twitter is here

Who knows what will happen next?

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