Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why can't I stop thinking up new cases for The Good Wife???

I've gushed before about my obsession with The Good Wife (link here)

Why I can't look at anything without thinking would this make a case for Alicia Florrick?

Here's one that looped through my head, so that I can let them go.

"A man scrawls a rant about a tabloid newspaper owner in Biro all over a newspaper on the train - about how he doesn't pay any tax in this country.

He leaves the paper on the train and pictures of it go viral.

The newspaper owner is forced to sue the guy who wrote on the paper for libel - to clear his name.

But maybe the Defence, sorry Defense, contends that it's not libel if it's written in Biro, or not intended to be seen by anyone else, or was private writing, or was an artistic act, or is just a minor littering offence.
Sorry, offense.

The final twist could be that it comes down to the literal wording: 'The owner of this paper avoids paying tax in this country' could mean the person who owns the newspaper - the reader - the man with the Biro - not the Mogul...
All they'd need to find was a skipping or delayed payment for local tax, or something."

Note for me-- don't forget the tenants' dispute one between 2 apartments on top of each other, and the cyanide child naming dispute.

By the way, always a good excuse for another airing of Alan Cumming's best spit take ever.

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