Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to treat rude companies and brands like a Dad with a Toddler #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you end up telling off a multinational brand like they are naughty toddler.

I really want to share my dealings with companies with you - but fear that I'm the one who'll come off as an oaf.

Even though I am 110% in the right - I won't actually win anything.

And I think we all go through this now.

But how can I spread joy and further human understanding without airing my dirty laundry in public.

That's the trouble - that's how they get you, and that's how they win every time.

If a bank or energy company or car company or supermarket or train company stiffs you - and we've all been there - how do you get closure, without coming off as a petulant toddler?

It's funny isn't it, but what if we are actually a lot better than multinational companies and brands.

What is the point of telling them off?

It's doomed from the start.

You never feel better for it.

Because, deep down, for all their spending on social media.

They do not care about you.

So how you can feel better about feeding back to companies?

Do I think I'm trying to be a better Dad by making the companies better people?

I think the answer is to overkill them with patience...

Like a toddler, maybe they'll get bored of this and find a new way to annoy you instead.

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