Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Why are we testing 6 year olds again? #BritishDadStuff #StopStealingDreams

Our kids are in school today - on the day of mass UK protest against exams in Year 2.

Tests for 6 year olds.

Except it seems the tests are for everyone but the 6 year olds.

It's to measure schools against congruence to a curve.

Because this means more productivity that can be squeezed, improved and increased.

But what is this for?

Our kids are at school today because our school is brilliant.

They didn't skew the entire class day towards gaming a daft system

(to get better at the test
rather than be motivated scholars,
or fulfill their potential
or be happy)...

and they didn't waste the entire school year cramming for the "SPaG" test that was cancelled 2 weeks ago.

We are beyond lucky that our school actually devotes time to
and curiosity.

Which, sadly, doesn't seem to be measured by the state.

Which bizarrely gets happy kids who are more inclined to fulfil their potential

(rather than a system that says
"You failed.
You must be processed again.
To judge whether the staff processed you correctly").

I'm not a Commie - I'm all for the state running a system to create a compliant workforce and future employees that fit in and active consumers to buy goods and services from other companies.

But now - more than ever - don't you think we're at a crossroads?

Thanks to the Internet and the Great Disruption, the world's economy doesn't place a value on the cheapest,
or the most "normal"...

but what it does skew us all to look out for...
(and pay for, and vote for, and talk about, and care about...)

...is new.
...is art.
...is 'will it touch us?'
...is 'is it valuable?'

And yet we pay for a billion pound system, and judge our congruence to the statistics, and ourselves as students, and ourselves as parents in a system of mass testing which doesn't encourage a single one of these qualities.

This video asks - WHAT IS SCHOOL FOR? - far better than I can.

And if you're curious, here's a link to a very very simple question:
What is school for? (#StopStealingDreams)

Should we pay for a system where the question is:
"Will this be on the test?"

Because I'm not convinced it will make my kids happy or fulfill their life's potential.

"You've got to learn the basics, in order to excel."

Is the best way to learn the basics...
by rote...
to an arbitrary schedule...
(already skewed wrongly if you're born in either August or June)...
spending a fortune on teachers...
who merely tick boxes to prove whether they are processing those boxes correctly?

I'm not so sure.

And to my kids - if you're reading this in the future (by the way, please go and do something more important than reading this: create your own art - with less fear than me...).

But I promise I won't judge you by your grades.

Because you'll achieve greatness by following your passion - and exploring language or mathematics or science or the techniques of art - under your own steam.

And, as you know, you have the tools to do that right now - in front of you on this computer or smartphone or that LCD tattoo on your arm.

I wish our Education system had the foresight to encourage you to explore your passions and your strengths, rather than spending my money and your time processing mass standardised tests.

But it doesn't.

So you are on your own (with our support and love and backing).

Which is a good thing.

Politicians can't spout off or interfere with that.

And you will profit from it, far more than the companies who are legally obliged to exploit you for profit.

Forget the profit.
You'll be happy.

My almost complete guide to Understanding Your British Dad is here (work-in-progress)

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