Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Stalking another man when youre only helping a mate #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when your only night out ends in total embarrasssment.

I went to an animation industry shindig a few months ago.
I find them difficult because, you know, that whole introvert thing

...and this is even among a bunch of already introverted animation types - who feel comfortable creating worlds, that they control, page by page, frame by frame, with their heads.

But my friend was there who I'd worked with years ago at Disney, so it was great - nice drink, nice chat - I wasn't going to die.

We weren't sure who the organiser was - it felt rude to not at least say hi - but neither of us wanted to make an arse of ourselves, no knowing who'd set up this night.

I was pretty sure I knew the guy and pointed him out.

My friend wasn't so sure, and I can't remember who said "we should look him up."

A quick Google showed we'd got the right guy - look, those pictures are definitely him.

Fast forward an hour - and a few drinks - and even more awkward conversations later - this is why cartoons take so long to make - this is fun. And some Director introduces me to the Organiser.

Without trying, we're having a great chat about stuff that isn't even shop-talk.

I hate pulling out my phone in the middle of a chat: It's a crutch and it's a form of hiding. Like the talking isn't enough.

But there was a clip that he really wanted to see, and it would take seconds to show.

I fired up my phone and there it was.

A screen full of pictures of him.

A little electronic LED backlit shrine to every image of him on the Internet.

(it was sort of like this picture, but all about him).

It felt rude to swipe it off, which sort of made it weirder.

His involuntary flinch launched an awkward pause.
A really long one, as we stared at this screen.
Full of his face.
My awkwardness and the booze doubled it.

Deadpan he broke the tension with something like "ooh, there I am".
Or something.

I can't remember.
I don't want to remember.

The next few minutes rushed past my eyes as squashed as the credits of the cartoons we all work on.

Funny how I can explain now how helping a mate avoid being awkward set me up for cyberstalking the guy to his face.
That takes some effort and a lot of thought.

My complete guide to Understanding Your British Dad is coming together here

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