Friday, 8 April 2016

Unboxing a Waitrose Oriental Meal takeaway bag for two #BritishDadStuff

You know you're a Great British Dad when...

You know you're romantically doing the cooking, when you microwave the supermarket meal for two.

I did this as an Unboxing video - which doesn't work because it comes in a bag.

But we don't get to buy stuff in Waitrose often.
So if anything, it's a chance to document it permanently on video.

It's a humblebrag.
A Chinese Takeaway humblebag for two.

And I give this to the future as a glimpse into our lives in 2016.
I only noticed now that Dads have an order that they carousel them through the microwaving.

I always do the Egg Fried Rice last.

Unboxing a Waitrose Chinese Takeaway meal for two #BritishDadStuff

Hello I'm Neil, and welcome to my latest unboxing video.

So this is my latest unboxing, it's of this:
The Waitrose Oriental Takeaway Meal in a Bag for two.

Er, I'm not sure - is "Oriental" a thing?
Sorry if you're watching this in the States, isn't that like really offensive?
Not here in the UK apparently. Er, so let's open it up!

What do they say, on YouTube videos?

I'm using IKEA scissors - obviously we've got about 200 in the house.
And I can't find the big ones.

Let's see what's inside. Ahh, so... First we have got...
A snack selection. A very generous two of everything.
And we've got Sweet and Sour Chicken.
Of course the Beef and Black Bean Sauce.

If you grew up in the UK, and you're my age, you probably, you might have had this when you were a kid, with Flambards on the telly on a Friday night.
Followed by The Gentle Touch.
Maybe it's a cultural thing?

And this, third up is, Chicken and Chow Mein.
And finally, Egg Fried Rice.

So this is the Chinese... I can't say the word Oriental.
Sorry. The Chinese Takeaway Meal Bag for Two.

Now the difficult bit with the supermarket takeaway box, is that you've got to figure out the microwave dance.
What order do you carousel them through the microwave.

Usually you have a really dense list of text.
But what Waitrose have done it looks like - they've given you a grid!

So that's good - so you've got the oven grid there, and there's always one that you've got to oven cook...
"Snack Selection" - we're looking at you.

And that's the case here by the looks of it.
That's not annoying at all, is it.
Firing up the oven, for one dish.

For sixteen minutes.
While the others can be whacked through in two.
That's fine. So Egg Fried Rice, and you also take a guess on your category. Because you know your category oven, but it's usually a bit better than they give you credit for.
So I might go for the rice, last. Oh, salivating.

Do the popping!
I'm not gonna bother ovening this.

First it's beef and black bean! Three minutes.
That should only have been two and a half minutes.

Out that goes, in goes the Sweet and Sour. Two and a half minutes.
Next is Chicken Chow Mein. Three and a half minutes. Cheeky thing.

And then finally... there it is, the egg fried rice, for three minutes.

And that's the rice.

And now all these dishes are cold.
So, every Dad, has got to put them all back in.
To warm them all up again.

Okay that's probably done now - oooh!
Ohhh. Sweet and Sour.
Ohhh. Chow mein.
Ohhh. Beef and black bean. And rice.

And here's a beauty shot.
Before we dig in.
That's the Waitrose Oriental - I still can't say Oriental, it's so wrong Waitrose.
It's the Waitrose Chinese takeaway meal bag for two.
Why not subscribe to my channel - it would be lovely to see you for more Dad unboxing videos.
This is the Waitrose oriental meal bag for two.
Here we go, steamy beauty shot. Ahhh."

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