Monday, 25 April 2016

Spooky Spoon. The most terrifying thing in my 6 year old son's head.

You know you're a Great British Dad when...
... you're worried your kid has already seen a wrong-un on YouTube.

Following on from yesterday's post about my 6 year old logophobia - I forgot to add my own son's logophobia.

He told me about a scary thing.
A thing so scary that not only was it in his nightmares, but he was having trouble not thinking about it during the day.

I immediately felt guilty. I'm worried that he comes across bad stuff on YouTube.

I try to be there every time he manages to get onto a device - they've got passwords and I try to age-protect the profiles - but every now and again, I check my "History" and see something like a Transformers fight.
Or worse, much worse.

Like Ghost Rider.

I tried to get my son to tell me the image that he can't get out of his head - it was purple - with terrible eyes, and a mouth that you can see through.

"Like a skeleton?" I asked.
"Sort of. But it's not a skeleton."

My son is clever - he knows I was pushing it towards Ghost Rider videos - but he assured me it wasn't that.

I thought he was lying so I wouldn't ban him from YouTube as much as I do already.

That night I felt terrible.

And not because I was scrolling through my YouTube history.

I've let him see something that's stuck, and it's the dad online equivalent of letting your kid run out into traffic.

The next day he came bouncing up to me, absolutely beaming.
"Daddy! Daddy! I remembered what it was!
I remembered what the scary thing I can't stop thinking about is!"

I braced myself for the worst.
But nothing could prepare me for what it was.

It's... spooky spoon.

I had no idea what he was talking about.
"Spooky Spoon... from Numberjacks."

Numberjacks is a Cbeebies show about, uhm, baddies who steal numbers.

It is absolutely terrifying.

So my son was scaring himself by repeatedly thinking about a character from a BBC pre-school show.
Just like I did in 1977.

And it was keeping him away from his sort-of responsible YouTubing.

We celebrated by making a slow-motion water-bomb explosion video.
For YouTube.

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  1. When I was younger I was terrified of spooky spoon too! My mum kept telling me it wasn't scary but I was terrified! Also It was an earlier version of numberjacks so there wasn't many bad guys but I was also scared of puzzler.... I was hiding behind the sofa when numberjacks came on!! This show shouldnt be on TV

  2. haha - thanks! Yeah - pure TV evil!
    I need to put a link here to my other post about the terrifying schools TV countdown clock..


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