Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Getting a call from Dad to look up who that Injunction is all about #BritishDadStuff

You know you're a Great British Dad when...

You get a call from your own Dad asking if you can look up who that injunction is all about.

And I love to get the call.
It comes up about once per year.
And we bond over them.

It used to be that he'd tell me about what was in the papers.

Now I have to tell him about what's not in the papers.

I actively try to stay away from "the News"

So this is about the same as buying a load of Duty Free ciggies for someone you love you wish you could help give up too.

But I completely understand why.

He even went to the shop to see if he could get a Scottish Newspaper to get the names of the celebrities involved.

There's The Great Disruption right there.

Here's the thing: I write all kinds of junk on my facebook, twitter and on this blog.

Stuff I make up.
Abstract random stuff.
And I have literally no idea what injunctions and super-injunctions exist.

And I have no interest want or need to break them.

Scarily this weekend I ended up watching a terrible kids' movie 3 times over and over - turns out the supposed (ugh, even now I have to use legalese) both the supposed subjects of the Injunctions were heavily involved with creating it.

I almost wrote about this movie, because this is the place where I try stuff out.
But I didn't bother.

I would have written about them without any clue that I was inadvertently referring to them - however obliquely.

And people are getting slapped with court punishments for that.

Why can't we be random?

Because someone's specific interpretation of our randomness is against the law.

Next time Dad calls, I'll just make it up.

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