Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Sacred and Profane... my very first weekly draw video #ScriptChat

Every week I've been collecting Sacred and Profane words.
If you put them together you make funnier and more dramatic ideas - and it's all explained on the link below...

All the words have gone into the hat:

For Sacred, they've gone into a food bowl
And Profane, they're all in the potty.

Here's my Sacred and Profane word draw #1

Fresh - Pigeons
Milk - Traffic Warden
Art Gallery - Loud Music
Caress - Angry Voice
War Monument - Brick Viaduct

Traffic Warden caress
Pigeon milk
Loud music from a war monument
Angry voice art gallery
Fresh brick viaducts

My complete list of everything that is Sacred and Profane is here

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