Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My Hierarchy of Television - bits of telly that are more than others

This was the best that I could do
- trying to arrange the Hierarchy of Television based on my experience in the industry, and many many more years watching it.

I didn't create the hierarchy - all I did do is turn it into diagram form.

No idea what guides the levels.
Does it inspire awe?
How does telly treat it?
Will you watch it in 10 years?
How do you feel if they're filming it in your street?
Long running Drama/Comedy series
Short-run Comedy/Drama series
Scripted one-off/3-parter
Format Entertainment
Factual Entertainment (and Reality)
Awards Shows/Clip Shows
Adverts/The News/All Sport
Home Shopping Channels/Gambling Channels/Porno
CCTV Security Camera Footage

Understanding Your British Dad guide is here

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