Saturday, 5 March 2016

London walkabout... St. Paul's Churchyard to South Bank via Tate Modern

Don't know why I started making these.

Maybe I'm trying to capture something...
Or maybe I'm just a Dad with an action camera with no action to point it at.

It's not exactly filming covertly - I just walk around with the camera in my hand,
but I don't feel comfortable doing it.
Check out the cyclist and Addison Lee cab flying past the red light at 1:10.

Youtube asked me if I wanted to stabilize the shaky picture.
I did - but the stabilization gives all the pedestrians I pass a nice uniform bounce in their walk.
Like a lope.

Anyway, this one was shot last summer from St. Paul's Churchyard to the South Bank.

- across St. Pauls Churchyard, down Peter's Hill EC1, past the City Of London School, across Millennium Bridge, right at the Tate Modern, along the Thames Path, through the south entrance of Blackfriars National Rail Station, under Blackfriars Bridge through the underpass, past Sea Containers House and OXO Tower onto the South Bank path.

There's a whole new London walkabout youtube playlist here...

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