Monday, 29 February 2016

Draw all over your paperwork. Its the best way to get a refund out of South West Trains and other UK monopolies. #BritishDadStuff

"This is how to get a refund from South West Trains. (Full video here)
It's taken a lot of practice to get to this point.

Play this video:

The link to the full breakdown of how to get compensation from South West Trains is here...

The problem I've got, is that like lots of companies I have to deal with, as a Dad, in the UK...
They're either in a monopoly (like water and trains) or a cartel of 3 or 4 (like gas, electricity, mobile phones, broadband/Pay TV/landlines).
I can't take my business elsewhere.

So when the trains stop running, they never give me a refund.
They don't do the thing I've paid them for - and it's not my fault.
South West Trains gets a refund from Network Rail, but then they reject my refund.
And I've had enough of my refunds being rejected.
So I had to come up with something to try harder to get my refund.
Because I need the money. And they've not done the one thing they're meant to do.

But after every refund application form getting rejected, I am now a refund ninja.

I think I've cracked the code.

So this is my refund form, for South West Trains.

And what I've done to try and get a refund this time is to try and cheer them up.

I did ask my son to draw a picture too, but he just wrote "POO" all over it.
But I've turned that "POO" into a nice bunch of flowers instead.
And added an optimistic message: "Spring is nearly here"

And then on the envelope, I've drawn a picture to try and cheer them up.
(I would have put "Home" and "Not Home" - but that would've been a bit arch).

So I'd hoped with the "poo" covered up... flowers... and "hello"... and kind message, that it would avoid getting my refund application rejected.
I still needed to get some expensive postage, because they make you use stamps.

They say you can scan it and email it.
But then they won't have the ticket - I advice against that in my six tips.
I wrote "Neee - Nawww" on it which I think clutters the train effect, but it's too late.
And I didn't want to tippex it.

Over a month later, I got this! Two page letter! Explaining everything and, even better, some "RAIL TRAVEL" vouchers to pay for half of that day's journey.
Obviously I've now got to try and not lose the vouchers, and remember to spend them.
And I can only do that at a ticket office that's open.
But, I think the lesson from this is "draw all over your paperwork".

Colour it in.
Use pictures.
It helps.
And if you want more amazing tips like this, why not subscribe to my youtube channel. (link here)

But good luck with your drawing.
I hope it earns you as much money as it's now going to earn me.

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