Saturday, 27 February 2016

Artists Way Quotes... by Julia Cameron #ScriptChat

I've been doing "Morning Pages" for nearly 9 years, and hadn't yet read the book where the phrase came from.

If you're curious about blurts, and doing "Morning Pages" before anything else, Artists Dates and Affirmations to clear a writing block,
here's a link to the book here.

But just wanted a place online to put my fave quotes from it...

"Just as a recovering alcoholic must avoid the first drink,
the recovering artist must avoid taking the first think..."

"Anger is meant to be acted upon. It is not meant to be acted out."

"Shame is a controlling device. Shaming someone is an attempt to prevent the person from behaving in a way that embarrasses us."

"When people do not want to see something, they get mad at the one who shows them."

"That is a normal part of creativity - letting go. We always do the best that we can by the light that we have to see by... The success of a creative recovery hinges on our ability to move out of the head and into action."

"Very often a risk is worth taking simply for the sake of taking it... Complete the following sentence. 'If I didn't have to do it perfectly, I would try..."

"Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life."

"Watch yourself for a week and notice the way you will pick up an anxious thought, almost like a joint, to blow off - or at least delay - your next creative action."

"I'm afraid all my ideas are hackneyed and outdated... I'm afraid my ideas are ahead of their time... I'm afraid I'll starve... I'm afraid I'll never finish... I'm afraid I'll never start... I'm afraid I will be embarrassed (I'm already embarrassed)... The list goes on."

"Okay Creative Force, you you take care of the quality, I'll take care of the quantity"

"As an artist, I write whether I think it's any good or not. I shoot movies other people may hate. I sketch bad sketches to say, 'I was in this room. I was happy. It was May and I was meeting somebody I wanted to meet.'As an artist, my self-respect comes from doing the work."

"Creativity is a spiritual practice. It is not something that can be perfected, finished and set aside."

"We are traditionally rather proud of ourselves for having slipped creative work in there between the domestic chores and obligations. I'm not sure we deserve such big A-pluses for that."

"It's not about thinking stuff up.
It's about getting stuff down"

Added this to my How to write story page of everything, here.

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