Monday, 18 January 2016

Saying hello on a country path. Or not. Which are you?

I'm in a field in the middle of nowhere.

Which are you?

There is a 50/50 split - clean between having to say "Hello!" to the complete stranger other person walking past...

...which means the other half is trying to avoid it.

This is what's in one of our heads:


"You're in the middle of nowhere.
That is why you're there.
You haven't gone there because it's a place to socialise or meet the community or make new friends.

That's what Post Office queues are for.

Some Divine Creator or profound algorithm - depending on your beliefs - has provided this beautiful landscape to drink in.

But you, you, that's not enough for you.
You also need to get into my eyeline just so that I can acknowledge you.

I will never see you again.

I promise you, we'll never have this again.

And yet you want your presence to be known, and you want me to let you know that I know you know of my presence.

Does that pretty much cover it?

Maybe we can go through it in more detail... maybe even during our next non-conversation in the middle of nowhere."


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