Thursday, 7 January 2016

Saw a London bus wheelchair ramp accident today. Should I blog it?

Dunno why I'm blogging this. Just feel like I need to put it out there.

Guess I can find the funny in it later.

What the photos don't show are the poor lady, (we're on first name terms now, but lets give her some privacy), sprawled all over the pavement of York Way N7, only one street down from where I faced my own personal wheelchair/bad ramp accident a couple of years ago.

They also don't show seven people wading in to help, or the two others who watched their bags for them on the pavement.

Maybe that's the spark of joy to take away from this.

She told me this was the third time this has happened to her on London Buses wheelchair ramp.

The third time.

Toppling out of a bus is now a normal, or regular, thing in her life.

This is getting me closer to writing about angry-tweeting to companies, which is about the same and as effective as mooning a CCTV operator.

Think I've managed to keep my New Year's Resolution on that for the time being, and kept the tach in the black.

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