Monday, 25 January 2016

My list of every sacred word I can think of for my upcoming Sacred and Profane weekly draw. Think they're all here.

Heartlake City, from Lego Friends

There's a theory that you get more powerful artistic ideas when you combine the sacred with the profane.

Like the home to Olivia, Andrea, Emma, Mia and Stephanie... the Lego Friends.

Heartlake City

Heart (sacred) lake (sacred) City (profane)

In a couple of weeks I'll start the weekly draw to combine different sacreds and profanes, but first I need the sacreds on cards to pull from the hat. (It won't be a hat. At the moment, in my head it's two Jiffy bags... but just thought I could get something better. Like a helmet for the profanes. And er, something nice for the sacreds. A sea grass basket. Or a leaf bowl.)

Anyway, here is every sacred I came up with last year.

Except my action camera cuts itself out after 25 minutes.
It's a Ricoh feature, that I only realised after 40 minutes.
Most of them are on here, so you get the jist.

My list of every sacred word for the Sacred and Profane weekly draw

Did I miss any? It'd be great to be left any in comments here

My complete list of sacred and profane words is here

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