Monday, 4 January 2016

13 Other things you do not know about the woman from that Gucci Bamboo advert...

Hands down, the funniest advert this Christmas was this:

"When she speaks, we listen.
When she moves, we watch.
And where she goes, we follow.
She controls.
She masters.
Underneath it all, she wears Gucci Bamboo."

But here are 13 more things you do not know about the Gucci Bamboo woman.

"When it is raining. It is because she is thinking about something sad."

"Every time she swims, dolphins appear"

"Her car MOT's itself. And passes every time."

"Even her enemies list her as their ICE number."

"She has a cook in the kitchen, a lover in the bedroom, and a weatherman in the garden."

"Her personality is so magnetic, she is unable to carry an Oyster or other contactless cards."

"She once resolved a Middle Eastern conflict with just, you know, a "look"."

"She taught a horse to read her facebook feed to her."

"She can open any tetrapak, by merely sighing within its presence."

"Her council tax band is xxx"

"She chose Lancelot and set of balls number 3. Twice."

"Her single pout experiences more than lesser men in a lifetime."

"She also plays kettle drums in the nude."

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