Saturday, 26 December 2015

Man who invented the Shopping Mall... and how it bit him on the bum at home - Fave stuff on the web

This is brilliant - Had no idea about this: how shopping malls were invented...
when, why and by whom.

According to this, it's Victor Gruen - who had the best of intentions...
In 1968, Gruen moved from L.A. back to Vienna, back to the greenery and plazas he had been trying to imitate. But he could not escape his own creation.

A shopping mall was being built on the edge of town. In Gruen’s mind, Vienna was already perfect; it didn’t need a mall the way the broken American suburbs did. As he saw it, his original vision had been totally skewed.

About 10 years after his return to Vienna, Gruen gave a speech in which he declared, “I refuse to pay alimony for these bastard developments.”

The link is here...

The full documentary by Radiolab is here:

And added this to my big fat list of my fave stuff on the web

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