Monday, 23 November 2015

Stingy Star Wars - delight your kids with how to make a new lightsaber on the cheap #StarWars #TightwadDad

Getting ready for the Star Wars Universe to Use The Force on my wallet... and shake down our household.

Man, I'd love The Empire to invade Princess Elsa's Arendelle.

Get the Frozen and Rebel Alliance merchandise thing done in one hit.

(Still saving up for the Princess Anna "Take Me Up The North Mountain" SatNav kit).

Last week it was the Austerity Star Wars Value Darth Vader gift idea.

This week, it's just the thing for a poor Padwan: how to build your own lightsaber.
Green one.
For the goodies.

It was either the picture above, or the one below... I can't decide.

Got a bit of a hassle from the young Jedi knight in the house - he didn't quite buy me dressing it up as something from the back of Watto's Junkyard.

You might need a better story to pull this one off.
Whooom - whooomm - look, it slices!

Look, I clearly need help.
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