Thursday, 5 November 2015

This was Saturday Night - Juliet Bravo theme stuck in my head -- FAVE TV #31

This is stuck in my head 25 years from when I last saw it.
I'm sorry. Here it is to stick in yours.

Juliet Bravo opening, 1988

ITV had the Gentle Touch on Friday night, with a just as ear-wormy theme tune...

But Juliet Bravo... look at everyone having a go at joining in...

And here...

And a space age one... This'd be the soundtrack on the X-box spinoff game...

From 5 minutes of googling around, it looks like it was arranged by Derek Goom based on a J. S. Bach "Well Tempered Clavier" prelude.
But I haven't found which one.

And I miss... I really miss... the continuity announcer reading out where we're at in the story, over a badly rostrumed photo.

Juliet Bravo

" which a prisoner was rushed to hospital after collapsing in a Hartley police cell. He died without regaining consciousness. And there's a suspicion in Kate's mind that Sgt. Beck may have contributed to the man's death."
is so much clearer than "Previously on..."

What happened to you TV, you used to rock!

My full Top 100 TV list is coming together here...

And here are the last five...

#26 Late Night with David Letterman

#27 Chopper Squad

#28 CHiPs

#29 The BBC Grandstand Fight

#30 Rainbow

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