Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to remove permanent marker pen like Sharpies from carpet #BritishDadStuff

I'm a great Dad.

I got the kids to pause Netflix for entire minutes to write out a birthday card.

In Sharpie marker pen.

On our landing carpet.

Over the years I've benefitted from hundreds of Youtube videos (well, tens, probably) where someone has taken the time to make an answer to a really super-specific how-to.

How to remove permanent marker pen from carpet

If you're here to actually find out how to get marker pen out of carpet - it's surgical spirit. In the UK, it's called Surgical Spirit. All the US How-To's call it "Rubbing Alcohol". Dab surgical spirit on with kitchen towel and dab it to lift out the ink.

That's all.
Some other tips videos say spray hair spray to lift it out afterwards, but I didn't and it still works.
The only downside is the bit you clean becomes very clean.

So now you have "clean patches".
I don't have a How-To video to deal with that.

If you're interested - I only ever made one other how-to video, once - after I couldn't work out how to set the clock on a Lamona oven.

There wasn't anywhere on the web that had that answer, so made this video, and now it gets me thousands of views here on the blog.

I didn't "monetize" it.
Because I can't.
Because I was afraid to put it up on my own channel.

(Because, you know, how could I live with the possible rejection of
"This Lamona oven-clock-setting video sucks!".)

But making videos like this feels weird.

More weird if making video is your regular day job.

It's a bit like a builder doing some DIY on their own house.

It's got to be done.
But it's a whole different dynamic.
Anyway, I'm going to make more of these.

I'll do an unboxing video yet.
Of my camera.
How meta.

Are you here to get pen out of your carpet?
If it worked, leave me a message here!

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