Monday, 16 March 2015

So when did we start starting sentences with so?

So, I have a blog post in my head.
It's about how people now use the word SO at the start of a sentence.
Always when answering a really straightforward either-or question.

"Are you around to meet up at 4."
"So, I've got a meeting at 3.30..."

It's a yes-no question.
We don't need to bring "so" into it, do we?
It's not yes or no or so.

I've only noticed it in the last year.
(Or the last year or SO).
Maybe people always did it.

But it sounds like a bit of media-training daftness that Chief Executives and Spokesmouths are taught to do. To 'regain' control of the conversation.
But when you notice it, it's really, really annoying.

But what's more annoying is that I'm doing it now.
All the time.
"Do you want red or yellow sauce on your hotdog?"
"So, the thing with the sauce situation is..."

Even my six-year old's on it.
"Did you have a nice day at school?"
"So, when I came home from school..."

Maybe soon we'll start routinely ending sentences with "...could you please not start a whole new imaginary conversation and just answer the damn question..."

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