Monday, 12 January 2015

Zeroes or Oh-Oes - I don't know what to say when Im on the phone

(PS using a pic of my nectar card in case someone tries to put some points on it)

When I'm on the phone, and I have to say my credit card number,

I never know whether or not to say Zero, or Oh.

And I fail to commit to one, so I start off by saying zero.

But then start losing faith in it and saying "oh's" for the rest.

Then I worry that I'm coming off as inconsistent.

Like I'm making it up or faking someone else's number, because I can't say my own number out loud with confidence.

So I tell the person on the other end of the phone why I'm flipping between zero and "oh", and ask them which they prefer.

And they say they have the same problem.

There is a third word, nought, which noone uses.

Only losers use the word "nought".

People who use the word "nought" for the number O should have a credit limit of nought.

I will suggest this to Experian.

This is a problem with the English language.

I love that we have too many words for nothing.


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