Friday, 5 September 2014

TWO LINES FROM MY DOCTOR'S DESK - another fine mess on our walls of Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery

"Basically, our kids destroying our home, one work of art at a time..."
On more thing from Our Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery...

After the Summer Break, we'll have a new entry next week.

But let's keep recapping the Gallery so far:


Standard Bic Biro (black) on B&Q Value Matt Emulsion

At first glance this is a simple design, but if we look closer we'll see The Artists have arranged a playful vignette of a Doctor's Desk scenario to call the work out into a third dimension.

"Maybe the doctor was waming up a pen. Maybe the doctor got bored and wanted to see what this does. It's a biro and it works."

The clinical lines give a level of restraint and even order to this work which should be commended.

The full Friday Night Toddler Gallery Of Toddler Art is free and it is here... Enjoy!

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