Friday, 19 September 2014

LOOM BANDS TOILET SEAT - the latest act of art from our Friday Night Gallery of Toddler Art

So we're back to adding new items to our Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery...
"Our kids basically destroying our house, one room at a time."

Tonight we unveil...


Loom Twister HGL Loom Bands, Red, Black, Yellow, Orange; with Tesco Picnic Fork; on Focus DIY (R.I.P.) Wooden Toilet Seat, Antique Pine

This was THE new medium for this year.

It's hard to tell if the even scattering of Loom Bands around the house is intentional or accidental.

This is the first work that can be confirmed as deliberate.

And its unfinished state reinforces the sense of irony we've come to expect from The Artists.

Mmmmmm. Can't wait to get that fork back down to where it belongs from the toilet.

Our entire collection of toddler art is all here...

Leave a comment or tweet us a pic if you've got any Toddler Art to share!

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