Monday, 29 September 2014

Heres the problem, son - people are scared - DAD STUFF FOR MY KIDS

- Heres the problem, son - people are scared -

Here's the problem, Son.
You are very clever.
It's a bit rude to say to people "I'm really clever".
But you know you shouldn't do that because you are very clever.
Mummy is very clever.
Your Sister is very clever - even though she's only 3.
And I am really clever. I think.

We live in a world that looks like it has people who aren't very clever.
But they are just scared of what will happen if they show how clever they are.
So people are shy, or afraid to say they "don't know" the answer to a question.
Or copy what other people do, so that they can fit-in and won't look silly.

They want to hide how clever they can be.
So we watch people on telly, who do things that aren't very difficult.
Or who try to do exactly what they are told.
Or try to be 'picked' for something, by someone who says they are a judge.

But you know, because you are clever, that you should never let anyone judge you.

If someone doesn't let you in to something... why not start your own thing.

And be the best at that.

They say the country is run by people called politicians.
They speak slowly, and say things that they think people want to hear.
But because they are trying to hide that they are clever, they think that they can't say that they don't know the answer to something.
Or that they've changed their mind.

It's okay to change your mind.
And it's okay to look things up.
And it's very okay to ask people what they think. They like to be asked.
It doesn't have to change what you choose to do.

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