Monday, 8 September 2014

Adventures of being a Tightwad Dad - #TightwadDad

I’m not a hippie, a communist, or an entrepreneur.

I am a tightwad Dad.

It’s difficult typing those words, because “you only had one job”.

To provide for your family.

So to me, it’s funny that I simultaneously have to hold back spending.

I’ve got every company in the country trying to get its mitts into our bank account - mostly by direct debit.

I have weak moments.
And every day my beautiful long-suffering Wife tolerates my half-arsed ideas, opinions and schemes.

So I’ll try and capture my efforts and skirmishes with companies to see if I ever get to the point where I can beat #Daddanomics and stop being a #TightwadDad.

At the weekend, I bought a can of antiperspirant for 45p.

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