Friday, 8 August 2014

ARTIST WITH PERMANENT RED ON WHITEBOARD - we hide pens but theyre still on the walls of our Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery

"Basically, our kids destroying our home, one work of art at a time..."
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This is a very rare sighting of one of The Artists captured next to one of their pop-up works.

They prefer to work in anonymity.

We should stress, again, that no pens or art materials are provided to The Artist, which perhaps makes the works more of an event when they appear.

Red Permanent Marker Pen on Dry-Wipe Whiteboard.

We like the pose with the toy hammer.

A provocative visual statement of denial.

All the other works of art by our toddlers around the house are here... Enjoy!

(Love it if you could send any over - maybe comment below or tweet.)

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