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The delightful NHS painful obsession with letters - DAD STUFF FOR MY KIDS

The delightful NHS painful obsession with letters

Sir Rowland Hill: Holding the letter from the Royal Free Hospital cancelling and re-booking the ultrasound appointment on his balls even though he hadn’t received the original letter in the first place.

It’s 2014.

And you’d think that an organisation that had put so much into my body and taken so much from it might be keen to join the dots - if only to save some hassle for itself.

But no.

You can read the typing that’s coming out of my head right now, but the pinnacle of communication was reached by Sir Rowland Hill in 1839.

Turns out the best way to administrate someone’s medical identity is to have them holding the right bit of paper that was put in their letterbox.

It’s like the whole system depends like some Jane Austen heroine on a stream of correspondence.

“What news please emanates on the most pressing matter of your anus?”
(for example)
It hangs on every written word.

Just please ensure that you take this letter and be ready for 13:51.

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