Friday, 25 July 2014

GREEN CRAYON SQUIGGLES AT SOFAS END - one of the earliest acts of wanton destruction in our Friday Night Gallery of Toddler Art

Basically, our kids destroying the house, one installation at a time, while we're not looking.

Tonight we continue recapping the inventory of our Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery.


Caribbean Green Crayola crayon on Lilac Echo Dulux Light and Space Matt Finish.

This bold piece is possibly one of the first works created by The Artist.

The space covered by this lively expression is the full-arms reach of the Toddler prodigy.

Un-inhibition is what drives this work.

The flow of continuous, unpredictable, curves is set against the impact of contrasting green attacking a backdrop of hinted purple.

These could be said to be gathered in nine epicentres of energy split across two implied rows. With a signature atop.

A signoff, if you will, that almost says “Ha.”

Its location next to the sofa - the traditional seat of relaxation - is of course ironic.

Our entire collection of toddler art is all here... Enjoy!

(I'd love it if you were to send me any examples from your collection if you don't mind them featuring here.)

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