Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Thinking Chair or #ThinkingChair - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

- The Thinking Chair or #ThinkingChair -

Life in 2014:
It’s really difficult at the moment to not end up inadvertently trolling a company.

You know, when a company lets you down, and you feel like a chump, because they’ve got the monopoly, and your money, and they’re coming off as oafish.
So you try letting them know about this.

But it never helps, and you look like the one who’s thrown a hissy fit.

The content marketing business currently calls this genre of nonsense “Social”.

Why would a company - an organisation set up to create profit for its owners - be online at 9pm to answer your 140 character shit-fit? If they were honest, surely they would say, proudly, we’re a company with employees and our hours of office business are 9-5. But they don’t. They want to give the impression that they are people.

When toddlers get angry in our local nursery, they’re told to sit on the Thinking Chair.

So I tried out a way of letting companies know that they’ve let me down by inviting them to take a timeout (another nursery phrase) on the “Thinking Chair”.

(The core of this is Daddanomics - the economics of being a Dad).

- Patientline - now known as - Hospedia

Probably the most disingenuous company in the UK.

Rinsing patients for cash with a monopoly on bedside tv sets.

In our limited experience, they don’t wield this monopoly benevolently (and, looking at it with clear eyes, why should they).

When you’re tired, sick, confused, and probably in pain, how would you process why your card would have £5 on it - shown at the bottom of this graphic that’s meant to look ‘pally’ - that’s also confusingly telling you that you have no credit.

I was going to put all the other ThinkingChair nominations here, but can’t bring myself to do it.

What am I trying to prove - that I’m in the right?

I’m not a columnist.

Spreading a company’s misery doesn’t cheer anyone up - should we give them feedback?


So we can depend on them more fully?

So they can become better at rinsing us for cash?

This could probably do with a joke here.

I’ll try and spend the time writing a nice letter to McDonalds praising the junior manager who let us into the locked Target Roundabout restaurant so the kids could go to the toilet instead.

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