Friday, 27 June 2014

SELF-PORTRAITS WITH CAMERAPHONE - Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery


LG Nexus 5, focal Length 1.23mm, exposure 1/15, f/2.9, ISO 783

We put the artist to bed.

I checked my phone to put a picture onto the blog.

The settings had all changed and a 3 second timer had been added.

I went into “Gallery”

Here are some of the others

There’s a timeline in here, and if I had the patience, I would turn it into a video cut to the music from Tony Hart’s Take Hart gallery. The clarinet-ty tune, not the vibraphone one.

The full gallery of toddler art is here...

Please feel free to send me your examples - I'd love to see any of yours if you leave a comment below with any picture links...

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