Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to guarantee a free seat next to you on the train, part 2 - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

- How to guarantee a free seat next to you on the train, part 2 -

Life in 2014:
Already written about commuters hating eye-contact, which can be used for keeping free the seat next to you on the train. {link}

But wearing sunglasses also works.

No idea why.

No-one ever seems to sit next to me when I’m wearing shades.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a whole journey next to this.

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  1. A pair of earphones, even when not plugged into anything, significantly increase the likelihood of keeping an adjacent seat empty.



  2. haha -- brilliant - thanks.

    Weirdly, in my head the opposite happens - I always get sat next to with headphones (but they are big) - which is why I tried experimenting with looking like I might - just might - make eye contact and start a conversation... (a theory where the headphones works against...)

    Also weirdly, only yesterday I wrote down that there should be a word for when you put on headphones to do some work but end up not bothering putting any music on.... :-)


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