Sunday, 23 March 2014

Yet Even More Granny Murray Sayings from "Me Too!"

So the obsession with Granny Murray from “Me Too” continues...

Can't believe there are still more to add to the complete list of Granny Murray sayings, but here goes.

Now Remember...

Don't fiddle with what you don't understand.
(to Mickey John, "The Clock")

You can make everyday things look special
(to Tina, "The Disco Taxi")

Many hands make light work.
(to Raymond, "The School Trip")

Sometimes it's best to keep things simple.
(to Dr. Juno, "The Planetarium")

Some things are easier than you think.
(to Bobby, "Midnight Dancing")

Always be kind to animals.
(to Tina, "The Lost Mouse")

Bird watching can be so relaxing. It can make all your worries fly away.
(to Dr. Juno, "Fingal's Rock")

Adding these to
The Complete Collection Of Granny Murray From Me Too List of Sayings

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