Friday, 21 March 2014

WINDOW HAND CREAM - Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery


Cowshed Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Cream with essential oils of grapefruit and coriander, white, on Anglian uPVC windows, white

Not much to say on this one.

Think this speaks for itself.

It might be a fanciful reminder of Winter's past, or an attempt to obliterate the reality of life outside.

A call-to-action for a focus on the home.
Family even.

We hide all crayons, pens, pencils, paint, ink, inking devices, ballpoints, highlighters, felt-tips, and markers.

And now moisturising fluids and creams.

At least we can identify The Artist using analysis of fingerprints

...and lovely soft hands.

The full gallery of toddler art is here...

Please feel free to send me your examples - Leave a comment below with any picture links!

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