Friday, 7 March 2014

RADIATOR COVER SMASH - Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery


Homebase Richmond MDF Radiator Cover, White

My cousin Ben this week kindly and tentatively asked if the Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery was real.

You know, was it something we encourage - an effort to make our kids more creative.

No. It's real. But we hide everyting that could possibly be used or even connected to an artistic endeavour.
(Except for the much reminded Blackboard area).

The trouble is, when artworks appear... like Banksy... often they come to notice long after they have been perpetrated. We don't encourage it, and scold where effective. But over time, new ones emerge.

Like this one:

Anger or mishap has been used to create a greater negative space than the brain or the heart predicts.

Something tells you that something bad has happened here.

Because it has.

But it is in the past now.
And must be repaired.

The full gallery of toddler art is here...

Please feel free to send me your examples - Leave a comment below with any picture links!

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