Saturday, 1 March 2014

Even more Granny Murray sayings...

So the obsession with Granny Murray from “Me Too” continues...

Now Remember...

dirty or clean, some things are good for comfort.
(to Dr. Juno, “The Operation”)

it’s fun to make things happen with the things that you have.
(to Tina, “Tricks”)

there’s always help just round the corner.
(to Rudi, “Granny Murray’s Potato Recipes”)

there are some things you just have to do.
(to Bobbi, “I Want To Say Goodnight”)

there’s always more than meets the eye.
(to Bobbi, “Fruit Bus”)

I like to be able to picture where things happen in stories.
(to Mickey John, “Fantastical”)

it’s amazing what you can learn from listening to people.
(to Rudi, “Ratatouille”)

take one thing at a time.
(to Raymond, “Snooze”)

just wait for a break in the clouds and all will be fine.
(to Mickey John, “Sports Day”)

just take things one step at a time and you’ll get where you want to go.
(to Tina, “The Airport”)

you should take your own advice.
(to Dr. Juno, “A Funny Turn”)

neat goes small.
(to Tina, “Fashion Show”)

good things are always worth waiting for.
(to Rudi, “Strawberries”)

everyone likes a good laugh.
(to Tina, “I Like To Laugh”)

a washing machine can work wonders.
(to Dr. Juno, “Laundry”)

sometimes simple is best.
(to Bobbi, “Robot”)

clearing up should be entertaining.
(to Raymond, “Popcorn Express”)

I’m fine if I follow the signs.
(to Tina, “Find Your Way”)

there’s really nothing like teamwork to get things done.
(to Rudi, “Market Cries”)

animals usually know what’s best for them.
(to Bobbi, “The Pet”)

you have all the colours of the Harlequin to make the day bright.
(to Dr. Juno, “Harlequin Day”)

getting out and about is such a treat.
(to Mickey John, “The Treat”)

you don’t need to know how to drive to have fun in a car.
(to Tina, “The Driving Lesson”)

clear the decks.
(to Raymond, “Water Water Everywhere”)

signs help to sell things.
(to Rudi, Signs”)

sometimes it helps to turn things upside down and back to front.
(to Dr. Juno, “Castle Rocks”)

make the most of your time.
(to Tina, “The Fancy Dress”)

everyone has their happy side.
(to Bobby, “Give A Wave Day”)

Don’t be glum, join in and have some fun.
(to Raymond, “Creative Train”)

I do love everything to be spic and span.
(to Rudi, “Rubbish”)

sometimes there’s more space than you think.
(to Tina, “Parking”)

there’s all sorts of things you can learn from a fairground.
(to Mickey John, “Lolly Sticks”)

every picture tells a story.
(to Bobby, “Story Bus”)

There’s a place for everything.
(to Rudi, “Everything Has Its Place”)

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The Complete Collection Of Granny Murray From Me Too List of Sayings

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