Monday, 6 January 2014


- Peace of Mind -

Always keen to get a bit of Inner Serenity.

So when companies offer me "Peace Of Mind", I am keen to catalogue them.

I will put the latest ones here on this link.

"Peace Of Mind" for life's everyday accidents.

You'd think "Peace Of Mind" would be enough.

But this is for accidents only.

And only the everyday accidents of life.

Thanks Homebase leaflet V5!

Hurrah! For Peace Of Mind...

EDF Energy even have a new Peace Of Mind contract...

Ah British Gas HomeCare®, there YOU are... AGAIN!

Peace Of Mind this time from British Gas HomeCare®

Complete Peace Of Mind from an Asus Nexus 7 10W Adapter and Cable as the battery never runs out!J10

Here's Norton 360 promising Ultimate Peace Of Mind.

The vague "next couple of years" from HSBC...

Whereas British Gas are super specific.

Peace Of Mind only up until May 2015.

This one is pledged by Arriva Buses:

"For... peace of mind during your journey, cameras are installed on this bus."

AXA PPP Healthcare reassures me that...

“Even the affordable plans... still provide Peace Of Mind.”

Here are some from my 2007 collection:

This one from Southern Water...

"Spread the cost of your water bill by Direct Debit... Peace of mind guaranteed"

South East Water offers it from another angle...

"Direct Debit takes care of all your payments... giving you complete peace of mind."

Egg Card practically phoned this one in...

"Peace of mind. Free for one month."

I can "enjoy peace of mind..." (from Thames Water)

"For only £5.99 per month."

MBNA Europe subliminally hints the peace of mind from...

"fraud... fraudlent... fraud... fraudulent..."

And remember,

"A home DNA test is for peace of mind purposes only..."

Feel free to share any Peace of Mind offers you've received from companies in your junk mail in comments below.

Though I feel like the Dalai Lama now.

Walkers Crisps have "grab bags".
They look exactly like a packet of crisps.

But they're not.
It's a "grab bag".

(looking at how many crisps stingy Walkers have put in there...

Maybe "packet" isn't exactly the right collective noun.)

Then Virgin Media sent me a "Value Statement".

Not a statement, but a "Value Statement".

Because the marketing agency that came up with Virgin Media's Value Statement, is a Grab Bag of "Value Arseholes".

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