Friday, 31 January 2014

BLUE CROSS TOILET WALL - Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery


Crayola crayon, blue on Farrow & Ball Matt Emulsion, Savage Ground

The hardest aspect of the Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery, apart from hiding the pens, pencils, crayons, and all potential artistic instruments... is actually capturing them for the blog.

So it usually starts off with a photograph that shows the artwork is real, in a real room, and to give a true impression of the the kind of scale of size.

But the problem with being so far back is that it often doesn't do the work justice or show the detail of the piece. So the next one goes closer.

But even here, the detail is indistinct, so here is the close up of today's example.

A single blue cross (is the colour deliberately linked to the blue one might associate with bathroom hygene products?), with another echoed cross above it.

Or is it a target?

An alternate focal point to the obvious toilet that would otherwise draw your eye?

Either way, it's two crosses for one.

The full gallery of toddler art is here...

Please feel free to send me your examples - Leave a comment below with any picture links!

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