Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Webseries: Remixing youtube videos and other stuff - Mozilla Popcorn

Wanted to keep a note of this somewhere, in case it comes in useful...

adding it to The Great Disruption (the place where I'm putting all of these examples).

Mozilla PopcornMaker is a place where you can put other linkable things from the web onto a base video or soundtrack.

Here's a crude example of me having a play with Boney M's 'Belfast'.

Web platforms are emerging that now make it possible to remix videos and add layers of context, effectively extending post-production indefinitely. How does this effect ways we edit and tell stories?

From SpliceVine

Demo: Know your Exit
Real time examples of people saying the same things as the lyrics, pulled in from twitter.
"You can't do that on television, you can't do that in a coffeetable book, you can't do that on a DVD"
(it's here - have a click)

Mozilla PopcornMaker is here

All my links to examples of The Great Disruption are here...

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