Monday, 5 August 2013

Seventies TV Music Performances - FAVE TV #21


Haven't done a favourite 100 TV moments post since December last year.

But this is a bit of a beast, and I need somewhere to put all these links.

It's "all TV music performances from The Seventies", and it's the obscure ones that rock, for me.

Mainly because 2 inch video tape machines were scarce and cumbersome, so what went out was either live or had to be done in one take wobbles and all.

So in no particular order - except "Belfast" by Boney M because it's my complete favourite...

Belfast - Boney M

It's the bit at 2:44 that does it for me -- Bobby Farrell going for it on cue with the cape.

Fox - S-S-Single bed (1976)

5000 Volts - Doctor Kiss Kiss

Kursaal Flyers - Little Does She Know

When it was alright to have cameras in shot.
This kind of stuff's seen as indulgent now, rather than sharing something with the viewer.
Funny how the web's taken on this kind of meta-communication instead...
Just realised nearly every bit of music I link to is probably written by Mike Batt...

The Rah Band - The Crunch

When this track came on we all went quiet.
Dropped our jaws to the floor.
And let it play in real time.

It got to the end, and the six-year old said very quietly (having giggled all the way through it)... "Can I see that again?"

So on it went.

I had to rewind to the Simon Bates intro, and whack on the subtitles to get who this was.
(The BBC subtitlers are saints in our noisy house.)

We watched it five more times.
I've watched a lot of old telly (sometimes as a job).
But I've never seen or heard this.
So I started looking up other videos about them.


Deborah Evans-Stickland interview part 1

Deborah Evans-Stickland interview part 1

Flying Lizards on Australian 'Countdown' on 30.03.1980

#22 clip might appear here -->

#20 Tiswas
#19 The Cinema Ads
#18 Mystery Science Theater 3000
#17 Space Ghost, Coast To Coast
#16 The Adverts
#15 Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation
#13 Engelbert Humperdinck on the BBC VT Xmas tape 1979
#12 My favourite clip about writing TV sitcoms
#11 Pipkins
#10 The Best Action Scene Ever, Ever, Ever

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