Friday, 1 February 2013


Welcome to another Friday night opening of our gallery of Toddler Art.
Basically, our kids destroying the house, one installation at a time, while we're not looking.

It all started with “Sprinkles

Then came Green Crayon Squiggles at Sofa's End, "Fence Behind Your Head", "Artist with Permanent Red on Whiteboard", "Freedom Corner", "Pencil Food", "Pencil Food Oh", "Two Lines from my Doctor's Desk", "Lines Behind the Dining", "Telephone Line" and a few others.

This week it's...

Whirlee Kills

Pink ASDA Chunky Chalks Chalk on Red plastic Whirlee
Think it's obvious which one of the two (boy, girl) Artists is responsible with this.

It's almost reminiscent of the 'kills' scorecard on a World War II fighter aircraft.

Perhaps it's a count of new artworks delivered around the house from the Artist.

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