Sunday, 24 February 2013

Essay on the stock music of the Benny Hill Show - Favourite things on the web

Added this to my ever growing list of favourite posts on the web...

Essay on Stock Music by William Brown

It's a complete list of every piece of incidental music on The Benny Hill Show.

Everyone talks about 'that' tune that ended the show... but I always loved the bits of music launched by cavorting Hills Angels that then segued to become the music beds that scored the sketches...

Wish I could link to some kind of official channel, but FremantleMedia seems to have removed every single trace of the Thames Television series of "The Benny Hill Show". (An alternative view to how this kind of geoblocking risks going down is here, under The Great Disruption...)

But this list lead me to these obscure (to me) gems from the "Cruise Liner" sketches sequence on Ep1 from 1983...

Michel Delpech - Pour un flirt 1971

Phoebe Cates - Paradise (music & lyrics)

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