Sunday, 25 November 2012

Women saying goodbye to each other - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Women saying goodbye to each other -

When women say goodbye to each other,
it's usually the start of about 10-25 minutes of the exact opposite.

See you
Thanks for a lovely time
We must do this again some time
Yes, let's.
You must come round to ours
We mustn't make it so long next time
I'll call you later
That'd be lovely
See you
Ooh you've forgotten your card
I'll get it next time
Let's make that soon
That's nice, take care
Drive safely
We will, you get in now, you'll get cold
Take care
See you


Men are so rude.

@curtainqueen Like a courtship ritual, without the end result. Men just rattle their keys & leave. This is why us wimmins need our friends :-)

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