Sunday, 4 November 2012

Elderly People Crossing signs - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Elderly People Crossing Signs -

She's groping his bum.

It says Elderly People crossing, but she is groping his bum.


I love how all Elderly Crossing signs around the world show an apparently heterosexual couple crossing the road.

And I love how he is the one leading.

It’s courteous.

Even though he clearly has difficulty walking.

What kind of cow is that "woman" behind him?

Maybe the figure behind is a transvestite.

Forgive me, I'm making all kinds of assumptions...

For all I know that figure in front could be a woman too.

Think this one is from South Korea.


Here's one from Canada.


This is the Japanese one.


And here it is in Welsh.


The Man (or the male-dressed/moustacheoed one) always looks like he's leading.

Maybe that generation of road sign stick person doesn't feel comfortable being out as a same sex couple.

Here are some of your replies...

@beaappleby I always find it a bit sad. Nowadays couldn't they be enjoying their retirement? Could he hold a silhouette of a golf club?

@beaappleby For her: maybe a carrier bag? She's taking something back to Next, he's dropping her off on the way to golf. Happy days.

Maybe she’s exchanging that black housecoat for another black housecoat.

@beaappleby I would also prefer to see them more erect. Maybe she does pilates now and her posture is improved. Why stoop?

@antbryan Like the way chap with stick, and unsteady pins, pushed to front. 'Sweet lord them cars are fast. After you dear'.

@NikkiJShepherd either that or she's going for his pension

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